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Fearless Self Promotion: Getting Ahead Fast Video

How is it that you notice some people, but not others? How do some get all the breaks, the luck, and success, and some—maybe more experienced and talented—don’t? How can you rapidly move ahead in your career by becoming noticed by those who can make a difference?

The secret is Fearless Self Promotion: the ability to promote yourself without feeling fear, shame, or concern that you’re a boor.

In this exciting and interactive program, you’ll learn how to get over any self-consciousness about self promotion. You’ll learn dozens of tactics to promote yourself so that you become a person of interest and become sought after by influencers. You’ll leave with your own Fearless Self Promotion plan that you can immediately put into action.

Here is a video of the presentation that I delivered to students of the School of Business and Management and the community as part of the 2010 E.A. Anderson lecture series at Southern Adventist University.

By the way, one of the fastest ways to self promote is through public speaking. Check out my GetSpeaking.com blog for lots of great ideas about this technique. This will get you to the audio recording that I mention in the program.

Click here to watch the video. Running time–57:37 

Your Speaker, Mark S.A. Smith

An SAU alumni, Mark parlayed his communications degree into a career of sales, marketing, and education. He’s written five business books, founded three companies, and works with the Fortune 50. He’s traveled the planet showing business professionals how to be more successful, speaking in 34 countries and hundreds of cities, including Collegedale.

He wants to share with you what he’s learned about creating personal buzz. Just Google (or Bing) him.