Do You Know David Garfinkel?

If not, you should. If you do, you might learn something about him in this article.

David is the best at writing sales copy of anyone that I know. He’s a critical thinker, an innovator, and great fun to be with.

I met David in the early ’90’s and we quickly became good friends. While I’ve not spent as much time with David as I would have wished, I still have many great memories and look forward to more great times with him.

To give you an idea of what he’s like, here’s a recording that I created with David, How to Write Letters that Make Your Phone Ring.

And I’ll tell you a secret. Although it sounds like we’re sitting across from each other in a recording studio, David was in San Francisco and I was in Roanoke. We conducted the interview via phone and each of us ran a recorder with a good microphone. He sent me his recording and I edited them together.

There are lots of great ideas on this recording.

And one more of David’s recordings, Referral Magic. He’s given me permission to post this so you can enjoy his thoughts about how to get lots and lots of referrals.

To get more great ideas from David, visit his blog at He is always very generous with his ideas and I believe that you’ll grow to appreciate him as I have.